Ebru Gündeş was born on 12.10.1974 in Istanbul. It was her mother who discovered the uniqueness of her voice while Ebru Gündeş was listening to and accompanying the song “Unutamam” by Muazzez Abacı at home during her childhood. The beauty of Ebru’s voice became more evident as the number of people saying, “She has the voice; you need to use the opportunities,” increased around them. After meeting Neşe Demirkat, the partner of Raks Music, Demirkat was impressed with her voice and introduced her to famous music producers Koral Sarıtaş and Selçuk Tekay, stating that she wanted to introduce this fantastic voice to the Turkish people. Signing her first album contract, Gündeş was asked by Koral Sarıtaş to provide vocals for Emel Sayın, one of the most important singers in Türkiye, to add stage experience to her fantastic voice. Ebru Gündeş gained her first stage experience by working with Emel Sayın, whom she refers to as “My first teacher.” Gündeş released her debut album “Tanrı Misafiri” in 1993. Admiration from the public continued to increase, with the most common comment being “How does such a strong voice come out from such a tiny person?” Ebru Gündeş proved her permanence in the music market with her first album, which sold 1,250,000 copies. She further demonstrated her permanence with her second album “Tatlı Bela,” released in 1994. Gündeş also showcased her success in acting by appearing in the “Tanrı Misafiri” TV series, featuring successful actors and actresses in Türkiye, in 1994 for thirteen episodes. The third album, “Ben Daha Büyümedim,” released in 1995, was also another successful album for her. She acted in forty-two episodes of the TV series “Fırtınalar” during the same year and once again proved her success in this field. With her fourth album, “Kurtlar Sofrası,” released in 1996, she was recognized by everyone as one of the most important singers. During the same year, she hosted the TV show “Ebru ile Emrah Show” with the singer Emrah After a two-year break, she released her fifth album, “Sen Allahın Bir Lütfusun,” in 1998. She performed unforgettable hits of the ’90s with popular songs in her own style. At the 5th Kral TV Music Awards the same year, she received the “Best Female Performer in Turkish Classical Music” award once again. In the TV series “Sen Allahın Bir Lütfusun,” named after her album, she continued her acting career. Ebru Gündeş released a brand new album in 1999. She had an unfortunate incident during the publicity meeting of the album “Dön Ne Olur.” Ebru Gündeş could not finish the album publicity and was hospitalized with the diagnosis of cerebral bleeding on December 1, 1999. She underwent two serious operations and was discharged from the hospital on December 16, 1999. Gündeş had to be away from her fans during this long period of treatment and resting process, but she overcame these difficult times with the love and support of the Turkish people and her fans. Gündeş performed her first concert after the resting period at the Bostancı Show Center on the evening of March 11, 2000. “Dön Ne Olur” album of Ebru Gündeş sold more than 1 million copies and broke a record. She received “Hope Award” at the 26th Golden Butterfly Awards held the same year. “Dön Ne Olur” album was released once again with the remix addition of “Unuturum” song in 2000. She received “‘Best Fantasy Music Female Soloist” award at the 28th Golden Butterfly Awards. During these years, she also hosted a TV program called “Ebru Gündeş ile İkinci Hayat”. Cooperating with the best lyricists, composers and arrangers of Türkiye for her seventh album “Ahdım Olsun” in 2001, Ebru Gündeş once again come to the fore in the music market with the album quality and number of copies sold. Gündeş shot video clips for total six songs (Sensizim, Akıllı Ol, Seni Seviyorum, Telafi, Senin Olmaya Geldim, Vazgeçmem) from her “Ahdım Olsun” album. With this album, she received “Diamond Album” award in MÜ-YAP Music Industry Awards. “Ahdım Olsun” album was released once again with the remix addition of “Vazgeçmem” song in 2002. Ebru Gündeş released her eight album “Şahane” in 2003. She also had a high success and sales graphic with this album, for which she was awarded “Diamond Album” by MÜ-YAP Music Industry Awards. She appeared before spectators for three years with the TV show “Ebru Gündeş Show” during the same years.  She offered another successful album to her fans with her ninth album, “Bize de Bu Yakışır.” The success of the album was crowned with the “Gold Album” award by MÜ-YAP Music Industry Awards. She received an award in the “Best Fantasy Music Female Soloist” category at the 31st Golden Butterfly Awards. In 2006, she had another successful project on TV with her live TV show “Ebru Gündeş Mega Show.” Then, she hosted the TV show “Ebru Gündeş’le Dön Ne Olur.” During the same years, she also acted in the TV series “İmkansız Aşk.” Her tenth album, “Kaçak,” was released in 2006 and sold in the music markets. Continuing her efforts, stating that she is having the best and most efficient times of her career, the success of Ebru Gündeş‘s album was crowned with the “Platinum Award” category by MÜ-YAP Music Industry Awards. During the same year, Ebru Gündeş appeared in the jury of the TV show “Pop Star Alaturka” on Star TV, together with Bülent Ersoy and Orhan Gencebay, giant names in the Turkish music world, and the famous producer Armağan Çağlayan. The TV show continued for five seasons as a long-term project on Turkish television. In 2007, Ebru Gündeş received the award for “Best Arabesque– Fantasy Female Performer” in the 13th Kral TV Music Awards. She released her album “EVET” in 2008, and several songs in this album, including “Kızıl Mavi,” “Ölümsüz Aşklar,” and “Harika,” have taken their place among cult songs. The “Evet” album was honored with the MÜ-YAP Music Industry Awards. In the beginning of 2009, Ebru Gündeş launched her website “www.ebrugundessatiyor.com” and initiated a social responsibility project by donating her stage costumes to charities. The project progresses through the organizations selected by the participants and the dresses they desire. The dresses are donated to the chosen organizations, and the entire process is conducted by the foundations. As a first in Türkiye and the world, the project continues with great success. Her 12th album, “Beyaz,” prepared with pieces from some of the most important singers in Türkiye, hit the music markets in 2011. She received the “Best Arabesque – Fantasy Music Female Soloist” award at the 37th Golden Butterfly Awards in 2011. Gündeş has broken new ground in Türkiye by launching the “FaceStar” project, a voice and composition contest organized on the social networking website Facebook. She collaborated with the winners in both the voice and composition categories. “Sor Bakalım” was the winner of the composition category, and Ebru Gündeş performed this song with the winner of the voice category, also adding it to her album “Araftayım,” which she released in the coming years. In 2012, she treated her fans to the cover album “13.5,” directed by Ozan Doğulu and Taşkın Sabah, featuring songs from Sezen Aksu, Tarkan, Mete Özgençil, Kenan Doğulu, Aysel Gürel, and Onno Tunç. During the same year, she received the “Kral TV & Kral FM Special Award” at the 18th Kral TV Music Awards and the “Best Fantasy Music Female Soloist” award at the 39th Golden Butterfly Awards. Performing Orhan Gencebay songs in several of her albums, Ebru Gündeş sang the song “Dil Yarası” by Orhan Gencebay in the project album “Orhan Gencebay ile Bir Ömür.” The singing competition program “O Ses Türkiye,” an adaptation of the globally broadcasted “The Voice” singing competition, started airing on Star TV in September 2013, with Ebru Gündeş serving as a jury member in 32 episodes. During the same year, Ebru Gündeş performed the song “Gönlümün Efendisi” in the project album “Asya” by Murat Yeter, once again gaining great recognition with her performance. In 2014, Ebru Gündeş released her fourteenth album, “Araftayım.” Collaborating with the best lyricists, composers, and arrangers in Türkiye, Ebru Gündeş once again stood out in the music market with the album’s quality and the number of copies sold. Several songs, including “Araftayım,” “Nerdeydin,” and “Müstehak” from this album, have become hits. In addition to her album and stage performances, Ebru Gündeş continued to serve as a jury member in the singing competition. She participated as a jury member for 51 episodes of “O Ses Türkiye,” which began airing on TV8 in 2014. In the same year, Ebru Gündeş had a successful performance with Ozan Doğulu and gained significant recognition by performing the song “Meyhaneci” in Ozan Doğulu’s album, “130 Bpm Moderato.” Ebru Gündeş received the “Best Fantasy Music Female Soloist” award at the 42nd Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards in 2015. In the 2015-2016 season, she served as a jury member for another 59 episodes of the “O Ses Türkiye” singing competition, which set a rating record on Turkish TVs. With the TV show, Ebru Gündeş had a successful season with high ratings. In 2016, she performed a duet that left a tremendous impression with the famous singer Murat Boz in his song “Gün Ağardı” from his “Janti” album. The video clip of the successful duet, first broadcast on January 1, 2017, broke a rating record. Ebru Gündeş, who ended her 5-year silence in the first month of 2019 with her album “Âşık,” broke new ground with this release. “Âşık” is the first album released by the singer in Türkiye in 2019 and the first album released by her own company, Blue Music Yapım.

In 2022, Ebru Gündeş reunited with Murat Boz, with whom she shared the jury seat, and presented the song “Sonsuza Dek” to her fans. Continuing to work without slowing down during the year, Ebru Gündeş shared her digital album consisting of 11 songs called “Ebru Gündeş Söylüyor 1” with her fans.

In 2023, while preparing to release her 16th solo album “Aşığım Hâlâ,” which she had been working on for a long time, she shared two songs, “Bodrum” and “Bir Sebebi Var,” in advance for her fans to avoid keeping them waiting any longer. On 17.11.2023, she released her 16th solo album, Aşığım Hâlâ.